Whether you are a collector or seller of small-scale* plastic toy soldiers, you want the most complete information on them ANYWHERE.

The result of 19 years of research and writing, this book represents the most complete listing of small-scale plastic figures, accessories, and sets ever compiled.

And this much-expanded Second Edition has over SIX TIMES the content of the original The One Inch Army (published in 2002)!

* Small-scale figures are between 20 mm and 35 mm in size. 

What's Inside:

A detailed overview of sets from over 850 manufacturers

Many items never before covered in toy soldier publications or online

Hundreds of photos

Mysteries, stories, and unusual happenings in the small-scale hobby world

A step-by-step description of figure and box manufacturing processes, including 3D printing

A comparison of scales

A short history of the industry

A timeline of small-scale production

Ideas for new figurines, accessories, and sets

Tips for converting figures

A listing of toy soldier shows in North America and Europe

Hundreds of URLs